About Johanna

Johanna Walker is the fear-blasting, storytelling maven for coaches, consultants, leaders and change-makers. As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, she has presented for corporations, non-profits, start-ups, community organizations, and the TEDx stage, helping audiences develop authentic presence as speakers, find the ideas they want to be known for, and craft those ideas into compelling presentations.

Johanna is the founder of Women Who Speak, a transformational speaker coaching program for female leaders, and leads The Speaker’s Playground, an unconventional practice and training group for new and seasoned speakers. She is the founder and host of Boulder's Story Slam, where audience members come to the stage and tell true stories about their lives.

In addition to her work as a speaker and coach, Johanna has written and performed solo theater pieces that she’s toured throughout the US and Canada. She lives in Boulder Colorado, where, if you’re lucky, you might see her riding her bicycle around town sporting wings and a red polka dot dress.


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