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1. During any creative process, discouragement and discomfort may arise. This is a normal part of the process and means you're right on track!
2. The group size is limited, so when you register for Craft Your Talk, you are taking a place in the group that another speaker could have had.
For these reasons, and in order to honor the commitment that we both are making to your transformation, no refunds will be issued once final payment is made.


1. I understand that I am working with Johanna Walker for professional public speaking coaching at the agreed fee. Professional coaching is distinctly different from counseling, psychotherapy or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of emotional problems. Since professional coaching does not constitute medical consultation or treatment, health insurance does not apply. These fees may be considered deductible business expenses. I understand that "mentoring" is a Professional-Client relationship I have with Johanna that is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal, professional or business goals and to develop and implement a strategy/plan for achieving those goals. It is my responsibility to take action to implement strategies, and I agree that progress cannot be made without affirmative effort on my part.

2. Terms of Payment: By completing this process, I authorize Johanna Walker, LLC to charge my credit card, as indicated above, as payment for my participation in the Craft Your Talk Group Coaching Program. Furthermore, I agree that I am responsible for the full payment of fees for the entire length of the Program, regardless if I actually attend or complete the session, and regardless if I choose to pay in full or make monthly payments. To further clarify, no refunds will be issued and all monthly payments must be paid on a timely basis. Any returned or late payments will be assessed an additional $50 fee.

Now that we have established the parameters of our professional relationship, and I have covered the nitty gritty of our agreement, it is time to get ready to unleash the power of your voice with fun, risk-taking, and courage!

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Craft Your Talk: Tier 1

Craft Your (uniquely-you, client-attracting, change-the-world) Talk is a system to help you nail down your message, uncover your best stories, stand in your expertise, and craft a talk that you can confidently share with your ideal audiences. 

In eight weeks, you will:

  • Nail down the heart of your message
  • Uncover your best stories -- that are relevant and relatable for your audience, and straight from your heart
  • Identify what to keep in the talk and what to (ruthlessly) cut. 
  • Build authority and position yourself as an expert, without feeling like you’re selling or bragging 
  • Learn tools for having way more fun while speaking -- no matter how nervous or fearful you are 
  • Learn the secrets for finding and pitching the right stages for you to speak on


✔️   6 robust content modules -- easy to digest, step-by-step content to help you get your talk written and booked

✔️  8 Live group coaching calls with Johanna -- to draw on the braintrust of the group, get feedback as your talk unfolds.

✔️  2 implementation weeks -- so you have time and space to integrate new information

TWO 30 minute 1:1 calls with Johanna -- where we can laser focus on your individual questions

✔️  Templates and swipe files for pitches, plus scripts for phone calls & emails, 

Workbook and checklists to help you implement the process

Lifetime access to the course content, including all updates

The option to join a virtual event where you'll deliver your talk

✔️  Savings when you
 join Speaker's Playground

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