(uniquely-you, client-attracting, change-the-world)

Yes, even if the thought of it scares the bejeezus out of you

Take Step One and join "What's Yours To Say?"

Engage Your Audiences 

When you tell stories that wow, and show up with all your heart, your audience will lean in for more. 

Get More

Inspire your audience to say YES to working with you & YES to your Big Idea while you say YES to building your business.

Amplify Your Impact 

Take a stand for the thought leader, expert, change-maker you are -- with confidence and heart.

  It's time you stop hiding! 


Let's get YOU speaking.

so you can grow your business
do the big-hearted work you were meant to do
and retire the label "best kept secret." 

Think about it...

You wouldn't have to feel your heart fall to the floor every time you saw someone else take the stage 

You could stop worrying about whether or not your expertise and wisdom will ever reach the people you can serve

You could stop hanging out on the sidelines wondering how to get potential clients to hire you 

Here's what I know about you:

📣  Your message has the potential to change lives.
 You're in it to serve, but know you need to sell, too. 

📣  You love what you do. You dream big. You’re passionate about your work, and your business mission makes your heart sing.

📣 You’re ready to grow your platform, build a larger audience, and bring new clients and opportunities into your business.

📣 You often look at speakers and think "That should be me up there!" and you know you could rock the stage ... if only you could get to it. 

📣  You know that now more than ever your message needs to be heard. The changes in the speaking industry as a result of COVID aren’t stopping you. Whether virtual or in person, you know the stage is where you and your message belong

But tell me if this sounds familiar:

📣 You’re scared that what you have to say has already been said, and your Imposter Syndrome is running rampant. 

📣 You've heard you're supposed to "sell" from the stage but really what you want is for your story to do the selling.  

📣  Pitching yourself for speaking gigs is a complete mystery. You don't even know where to start. Cold calls? No thank you. 

📣 Even if you landed a speaking gig you wouldn’t know how to craft an effective talk. ("Can't I just wing it?") 

📣  Instead of pitching yourself to get on stage, you procrastinate by spending way too much time on social media and slogging through emails.

📣  2020 was going to be your year for speaking, but the pandemic threw you off course. Now it's 2023 and you've been dragging your tail for too long.   

It's likely that one (or all) of those thoughts have been holding you back, but aren't you FINALLY ready to get on stage and attract new clients? 

Are ready for your BADASS SPEAKER to finally be heard?

What if just one talk could bring in more revenue, what would that do for your business

How would it feel for you to SHINE YOUR BRIGHTNESS like never before? 

"Through Craft Your Talk I was able to get off the written page and onto my feet to tell a truly compelling story. Now I'm excited to take it to share with a bigger audience." 

Kit McGinnis
Founder, For Love of Earth

"Craft Your Talk knocked my socks off with its detailed training on how to design the arc of my talk to get my audience to say YES!" 

Janet Tarentino
Author, Dying to See

Maybe you've tried:

The DIY version of crafting a talk and you’re left with too many questions that a free webinar isn't going to answer. 

Faithfully going to Toastmasters, but it doesn’t quite get to the heart of what you’re after. 

Winging it, but you're just not converting audience members into clients. 

Sitting at home waiting by the phone for someone who wants to put you center stage to call, but....well.... that's not working. 

If you had a map to follow 
and a team of other brave speakers 
on the journey with you

you could stop spinning, stop wishing it was you on that stage, start owning your genius and making impact through speaking!

You just need to know which steps to take and get the support to help you take them -- from an expert coach to guide you and a crew of other brave speakers to cheer you on. 

This is what you'll get in Craft Your Talk. 

Speaking is the answer to everything that's NOT working in your business 

  • When you use your voice and create authority through speaking, the confidence you gain from that ripples out into other parts of your life. 
  • Getting on stage as a speaker means more people see you, which means more people know you're out there and more people hire and refer you. 
  • Learning to speak powerfully -- on video and on in-person stages -- is essential to positioning yourself as an expert. 
  • Staying in hiding is costing you. Period.

Here's where I come in:

I’m Johanna Walker. For the past 8 years I’ve been helping coaches, consultants & change-makers step into thought leadership by getting clear about the message they want to deliver to the world, and delivering it from any stage with confidence & authenticity.

I spent way too much time being terrified to speak, believing I had nothing to say, and feeling completely overwhelmed trying to figure out how to say it.

After years of avoiding the stage, I found my way to center stage. I’ve presented for corporations, start-ups, community organizations, and on the TEDx stage, as well as producing & hosting Boulder’s Story Slam. 

I’m passionate about helping people like you step past their fears, own their genius without apology, and and share their message with the people they know they can serve. 

I’ve helped hundreds of new and seasoned business owners & change-makers craft talks that makes their audiences say “Tell me more!”  

Now I’m taking this framework online to be able to share it with more people just like you -- so you can grow your business and have the impact you know you can have. 

"Before I signed up for this program, I was floundering between all the options available to me in creating a signature talk. Craft Your Talk helped me bring more of my stories into the world in a more focused and cohesive way." 

Heather Bowen Ray
The Habits Whisperer

By the end of this course you will:

💥  Nail down the message you want to be known for -- No more wobbling around wondering how to say what you need to say

💥  Uncover your best stories -- The ones that are relevant and relatable for your audience, and that come straight from your heart. You'll start seeing stories wherever you go! 

💥  Identify what to keep and what to cut -- So your audience doesn't have to wade through the weeds to understand your message.

💥  Gain the confidence to position yourself as an expert -- without feeling like you’re selling. Imposter syndrome? Let's nip that in the bud once and for all. 

💥  Have
 way more fun while speaking -- No matter how nervous or fearful you are, you'll know how to show up as YOU, without apology. You'll be jumping up and down shouting "When's the next time I get to speak?!" 

💥  Build a list of stages to pitch and a strategy for pitching them -- That's right! Your plants & pets will only benefit so much from your talk. Let's get you on those stages sharing your message to actual humans! 




PLUS not only will you be ready to rock your talk, you'll have the opportunity to leave with professional footage of your live talk!!

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Craft Your (uniquely-you, client-attracting, change-the-world) Talk

is a system to help you stand in your expertise and craft a talk that moves your audiences to action, PLUS a community that's yours for life.

The Curriculum 

MODULE 1: Identify Your Unique Genius

We’ll do a big dig and a deep dive into your life & your expertise to uncover the heart of the message you want to deliver and the stories you want to tell. You’ll identify your secret sauce as a speaker so you get to be fully YOU any time you’re on stage -- with unapologetic confidence & presence.  

  • Articulate the key ideas you want to be known for.
  • Get clear about your why. What’s at the core of why you do this work? 
  • Identify the impact you want your talk to have in the world


MODULE 2: Build the Scaffolding

Once we’ve got your big idea nailed down, we go right to the end of the story and get clear about what you want your audience to do and think and feel at the end of your talk. Once the scaffolding is built, the rest of the talk has a place to stand. 

  • Identify the perspective shift your audience will need to have in order to take action
  • Get crystal clear about how this talk fits into the big picture of your business and your life
  • Lay out the map of the talk in broad brushstrokes in order to build a compelling arc with a clear Call to Action.


MODULE 3: Tell Your Story

Now that you know exactly where you’re headed, you have what you need to find the stories and supporting evidence that will drive your point home. 

  • Find the best stories to support your Genie Gem and Call to Action
  • Learn the secrets to making any story you tell both compelling and related to your message 
  • Craft your stories so the audience sits on the edge of their seat wanting more


MODULE 4: Put It All Together 

In this module, we’ll pull all the pieces together and hone in on the specific arc of your talk, so audiences stay with you, curious from start to finish. Remember that big mess of ideas? Now it's looking like a talk. 

  • Craft an attention-grabbing opening and an action-inspiring close.
  • Review the key steps of the Chaos to Keynote process so you can apply it to any talk you give in the future
  • Learn how to condense or expand your talk so your talk will work for many different kinds of speaking opportunities


MODULE 5: Get It On Its Feet - and In Your Body 

In this module we’ll put all the pieces together and do some serious fine tuning. We’ll talk about how to get your talk into your bones so you can speak it with ease and deep knowing. 

  • Learn ways to practice so you don’t have to memorize your talk, but you learn it inside & out
  • Develop tools for managing & befriending fear and nerves so it serves your talk rather than undermines it
  • Get your talk stage-ready -- so you can confidently step on any stage and deliver it. 


MODULE 6: Let the World Hear It 

Your talk won’t do anybody any good if you’re just delivering it to your dog and your plants. Once you’ve crafted your talk, you’ve got to find stages to speak on so your talk can live the life it was meant to have, and YOU can live the life you were meant to have. 

  • Learn how to find the best audiences for your topic 
  • Write a description of your talk that gets yesses from meeting planners and sets you apart from the rest
  • Build a plan to do the nitty gritty work of getting booked on stages

Next Session: begins June 2023
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PLUS! The Showcase

Yes it’s true! You’ll deliver your talk! In front of a live audience! IN PERSON!

This is where the rubber meets the road, and makes this program like none other. Hundreds of coaches out there will show you how to craft a talk, but crafting a talk behind your computer screen or in front of your bathroom mirror will never take on your demons the way getting on your feet in front of AN ACTUAL AUDIENCE will.

As my grandmother used to say, “Set a date and it will come.” We’ve got a date on the calendar for YOU to deliver your epic talk.

There’s nothing like a date on the calendar to help you get your talk from “Maybe one day” to “Let’s do this!”

You'll get to do it once online, and once in person, at our 3-day in person retreat weekend.

You'll workshop your talk, deliver it, and walk away with professional video to help get your talk on even more stages, your message in front of the people who need to hear it, and your thought leadership where it can have powerful impact in the world.

"Johanna held my trembling hand all the way through this course" 

Cara Hope Clark

Here’s what you’ll get

when you say yes to Craft Your Talk


PHASE 1 -  online

✔️   6 robust content modules -- easy to digest, step-by-step content to help you get your talk written and booked

✔️  8 Live group coaching calls with Johanna -- to draw on the braintrust of the group, get feedback as your talk unfolds

TWO 30 minute 1:1 calls with Johanna -- where we can laser focus on your individual questions

✔️  Bonus "Dress Rehearsal" calls to run your talk start to finish with your cohort as your audience 

✔️  Templates and swipe files for pitches, plus scripts for phone calls & emails

✔️  Guest experts who will speak  about copywriting, style, branding, setting up your virtual studio & more! 

Workbook and checklists to help you implement the process

Lifetime access to the course content, including all updates

✔️  A virtual public showcase
 where you'll deliver your talk in front of a live audience 


PHASE 2 - In person
in Boulder, CO

✔️  3-day IN PERSON weekend in Boulder CO to workshop your talk on its feet

✔️  IN PERSON event to deliver your talk on stage in front of a live audience 

✔️  Professional video and photos of you speaking on stage, plus a 3-minute Speaker Reel with highlights from your talk

✔️  1 group orientation call to prep for the weekend 

✔️  1 follow up Group Call to nail down next steps



Craft Your Talk: Tier 1

$3,497.00 USD
Craft Your Talk: Tier 2

$5,997.00 USD

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Here's what happens when we work together:

Before the course, I knew I had an important message to deliver -- something I thought about all the time --  but I wasn’t able to articulate it clearly. Craft Your Talk helped me find it, clarify it and take a stand to present it. I adapted the talk I created in CYT into a 90-minute training. Afterwards the facilitator said “This is one of the best trainings we’ve ever had.” That success is directly related to the work we did in Craft Your Talk. Johanna teaches from passion and deep thought, with the skills to do it right. I came out of this course feeling confident in the truth I have to speak, and now I’m excited to speak it.

Alexis Miles, JD, SPHR

Since taking Craft Your Talk, I’ve been able to move into a place of authenticity and confidence with my speaking and in my life. I now believe in myself in a way I hadn’t before, and I know I have something to say. I’ve developed the emotional confidence to share my message, and I’ve learned that there are people out there who need to hear it. Honestly, I can tell the world is a better place because of my message. I see the impact my work has, and Johanna has helped me step into and own that power. She has an amazing ability to help people move into a place of authenticity and power before they think they’re ready. I highly recommend this course. 

Janaki Jane

The ripple effects of having been through the speech-crafting process with Johanna are amazing. Going through the often “messy” process of crafting the talk, getting up on stage to deliver it and then sharing it publicly has led to huge change in my business and my life. Truth is — I’ve transformed something big that I don’t think I could have without having gone through this process. I’ve had the courage to say yes to major opportunities that have come my way, and all that came from the process Johanna guided me through, holding me to the fire by the built-in accountability of the program and from me really showing up to grow my inner and outer game. A seed was planted that continues to grow in beautiful ways. I’m not going back. Too much is possible now.

Tova Johnpress, Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant and Partner

Before I signed up for this class, I was floundering between all of the options available to me in creating a signature talk. I really loved how Johanna provided a supportive environment, clear structure, and a near-term deadline for speaking. She helped me bring more of my stories into the world in a more focused and cohesive way. I highly recommend this class! Just do it!

~ Heather Bowen Ray,

I have taken a few speaking courses prior to this course so I have some comfort in being in front of an audience. What I was lacking was an ability to put what I wanted to express into a talk that was impactful to an audience. I was struggling for a long time with figuring out how to create a talk that brought in a couple of different stories. Previously, I would end up over stuffing my presentations with wanting to deliver so much. Johanna helped me see how to capture what I was trying to say. She was so insightful on the mechanics of how, when & why to put together the ideas you want to express in specific ways so that it can be concise but more importantly heard & felt. After the course I now have a signature talk that can be 15 minutes to 90 minutes and delivers a punch that audiences walk away glad they heard. Thanks Johanna!

Dawn Abbott, CSEP,CSEP, Be Exceptional

Before I signed up for this course I thought I could tell a good story but through the process of the class, I saw how many of my stories were jumbled and lacked clarity. Through Craft Your Talk I was able get off the written page and onto my feet to tell a truly compelling story. Now I’m excited to take it to share it with a bigger audience. The best thing about the class was the consistent focus on getting clear on your message and story and having a safe forum in which to share it and receive constructive feedback. Johanna is a master at guiding you through your own internal process to get to the story that you need to share. If you want to take your speaking to the next level, I highly recommend this course. 

Kit McGinnis, Founder, For Love of Earth . 

Johanna is brilliant and walks her talk. She intimately understands the process of talk building, and has the skills to successfully guide you from beginning to end. I appreciated the way the course was laid out, and the spaciousness with in it that allowed me to to craft my message into something worthy of delivering, while receiving her support."

Sharon Harvey Alexander, Author & Coach

Craft Your Talk clarified many aspects of public speaking for me. Beforehand, I was insecure about a number of things. I wondered, "Is this topic what I should be focusing on? Whom should I be speaking to? How do I get speaking gigs?" Johanna cleared all that up for me, and now I'm excited to plow forward."

Sara Rosinsky, Shiny Red Copy

Johanna held my trembling hand all the way through her course! As someone who has never spoken in front of others taking this course was a huge leap of faith for me and challenged me to my core! With her continued support and cheering me on I was able to craft my talk and get on my feet to present it! Johanna is a master at her craft and lovingly helps her students navigate this world of speaking and crafting your talk.

Cara Hope Clark, Author of WIDOW'S MOON

Johanna’s Craft Your Talk online course knocked my socks off with detailed training on how to design the arc of my talk for the best effectiveness. It helped me to connect specific messages from my story to the audience's story. Specifically, if it’s an opening to your talk you need help with, how to design the body of your talk, or if you need help with the closing, Johanna has the answers. During a work session, she will dive in and give awe-inspiring suggestions and ideas to support and assist. I cannot say enough about Johanna, her style, her gift for words, her intelligence, mind-blowing creativity, and her heartfelt desire to help speakers. I unquestionably recommend her and any course she designs.

Janet Tarantino Author of DYING TO SEE


My journey with Johanna has been game-changing. Not only have I discovered what I want to share with the world, I am taking action with speaking and have confidence and momentum to keep going. On this wonderful journey, I learned how to cultivate my story, my skills and new ways to connect with others. Johanna is a gifted guide and instructor.

Jill Krush, Psychotherapist

If you are ready to get your message out I highly recommend working with Johanna, as she offers more than words can say. Working with Johanna was a great experience that paid off in spades. Her expertise, guidance and warmth made creating and crafting my talk an unbelievable success. I felt the success of our work together through the over whelming positive feed back (and new clients!) I received after giving my talk for the first time to 50 people. Thank you

Lynda Thayer, Radiant Healing

Johanna held a rich, safe container which allowed my hidden speaker to emerge. I evolved from someone who yearned to share her voice, but was afraid, to a bold, playful, confident speaker.
What a gift!

Sandra Gaskill, Radically Real

This was deep work! I was not expecting to do such profound soul-searching when crafting my talk but I did. This course helped me get crystal clear on my message and to weave together my life's journey like nothing else. The result was a talk that is at once professional, authentic, engaging, and true to who I am. Thanks to Johanna's stellar teachings (she really is an expert in the craft), her ongoing feedback, support, and care, I crafted a talk I was so proud of that I submitted it to TEDx. 

Shani Raviv, Creator & Facilitator of Journey Writing Circles


"I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has an idea to share and feels overwhelmed by the writing process! My biggest challenge before the program was sorting through all the ideas I had in my head about what I might include as part of my talk. I had a basic theme in mind, but was overwhelmed about what story elements I might use to get my idea across. Also, I never seemed to be able to find the time to sit down and write. With Craft Your Talk I was able to write a talk that expresses my big idea and I feel confident that it's worthwhile! Crafting and delivering the talk has given me confidence in the power of my ideas and my ability to share them.”

Yvonne Marchese, host of Late Bloomer Living podcast

A's to your Q's: 

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